Do You need a website?

Can you answer Yes to any of these questions?


  • Need a website?
  • Want your SquareSpace, Wix or Weebly website moved to WordPress?  Why would you want to do this, I explain below.
  • Does your website need a makeover?
  • Did a web designer not finish the job or just disappear after payment?
  • Do you need your website security setup to protect you from getting hacked?  I will explain why you need this.
  • Do you need content management, help with plugins, regular updates, and backups, monthly maintenance for your website?
  • Do you need help with something not listed here?


Not sure what you need?

If you have a product or service or want to write a blog, you need a website.  If you are too busy and do not have the time to create or fix your current website, I can do it for you and take that worry away.   We will work together and make sure you have everything you need for your site.


Security for your website is more important now than ever.  It is imperative that you have a website that is secure from being hacked.  You do not want to go into your website and find out that all your content is gone and has been replaced with black-market products instead. Hackers get into your site and now when you go to your webite it has a statement that says – “This site may harm your computer.”  Most times Security is not made a priority until an emergency happens!

Moving Your Current Site To WordPress

We can move your site over to WordPress as it is more flexible and we can make your site do whatever we want it to.   You have more options and abilities with WordPress than other platforms.

Hiring A Designer

Hiring a website designer/developer that did not finish a project or you never heard from them again after payment does happen.  This is something that will never happen when we work together.  I keep in contact with you and update you on the progress of your website.  Communication is #1.   Trust is what you need when hiring someone to build your website.  It takes communication, understanding your needs and what you are wanting your website to do for you.  We will work together to bring your website to life.


I would love to help you! Fill out my Contact Form and let’s talk about what we can do.